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tirea na'vi - na'vi spirit

[ the writings of a na'vi 'kin ]

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My Experiences With otherkin.com - Racism? Or Finally Accepted At Last?

Recently I joined www.otherkin.com and created a profile, signing up to the forum (as you are probably aware, especially considering I linked to the website in my previous journal entry). I did so because I was seeking comfort from a community of like-minded individuals. I wanted to discuss everything with similar people, interact with people who understand, and be among people like myself. I was also seeking some form of support, I suppose - my other-ness can be very hard for me to deal with, sometimes.

I have been on the receiving end of some very harsh posts. I think this harshness was completely unwarranted. I understand some level of skepticism but I did not expect such a cold reception and being derided. I think that some people need to come to terms with the fictionality of their kin-species, and not be so mean.

Since then, things have cleared up a little. I have a niggling feeling that some comments are still subtle attacks - there was one recently, where I asked about tail'd Fae, and they replied "trolls". I was upset at this stab at my intellect - I am certainly not as stupid as a troll. Do trolls even classify as Fae? Their tails aren't even that long. Anyway, such comments I have decided to put down to discrimination, possibly because I am an alien species or perhaps my skin color is too foreign to them. I even had a passing thought, that they might be heightist (my otherself is a lot taller than the majority of theirs, possibly even to the extent where it's intimidating). But in general, things are looking up. Some members post very helpful answers to my questions. The sun feels a little warmer on the horizon.

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On heightism, it was just a passing thought. This happens to be my journal. That's what people do in journals, document passing thoughts.

With regards to OK.com, I have lurked in and out of there for a good few years now, as a good few years is about the span of my journey; so I think I would know, but thanks.

Who are you to say I should see a shrink because I'm a Na'vi 'kin?

I would know, I'm surprised my journal still has readers for the same reason.

Because the people I've 'met' so far who identify with fictional characters have, and I swear, all been in a pretty dire need of a shrink.

You do seem to break the pattern.

Your journal probably still has readers because you are a reasonable and intelligent-seeming person, as well as an interesting individual.

I do realize that the majority of fictionkin are more than a little insane. It is very unfortunate.

Thank you! I hope to go on breaking the pattern, for the benefit of future Na'kin everywhere.

Because the people I've 'met' so far who identify with fictional characters have, and I swear, all been in a pretty dire need of a shrink.

This is because the saner of us like to keep quiet. I am only using this journal (this kind of stuff for me has been moved over to another journal service), to keep my normal journal separate from what others might use to say I am insane. Also, I do go to a therapist and I am really not fond of the word shrink as it degrades the profession.

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