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tirea na'vi - na'vi spirit

[ the writings of a na'vi 'kin ]

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The First Na'vi 'Kin

My name is Shey'bu (my username means, "Na'vi spirit", in my native tongue).  I am the first Na'kin (I coined this term, it is short for Na'vi 'kin). I created this journal in order to start afresh and anew, and to document my feelings and my journey. In doing so I hope to contemplate what it means to be Na'vi and explore my true identity.

At a later date I will record the story of my Awakening. I will also be posting such things as poetry and things which happen in my life. In the meantime, I do recommend the site http://www.otherkin.com/phpBB3/index.php, though they do seem a little hostile to newcomers and seem a little harsh with people who are not dragons or elves (I think this may be a form of racism - my thoughts on this will be written up in another journal).

In the meantime, you can contact me at tireanavi@gmail.com, or, of course, via my journal here, either via private message or by leaving a comment. You can follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/naviotherkin and see my thoughts and experiences in short. If you, too, are Na'vi 'kin, you can join the community, at http://community.livejournal.com/tothehometree/, and be with others like us. Perhaps I can offer you guidance.


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I can't wait to hear your awakening story, it'll be very interesting, I'm sure!
I hope those people are treating you better - that's the reason I've started up a new LJ. I don't they they intend to be mean, but just wary because people come in and start pretending to be otherkin all the time just for kicks. I hope you can forgive them, they're a nice bunch, really.

I should get a twitter so I can follow you :)

I can see it from both sides - they must be wary of posers or people pretending, I understand that. But some of them were highly unreasonable. I believe the worst of it has blown over now, though. Still, the paranoid and sensitive part of me can't shake the niggling feeling that some underhanded form of racism is being executed - I really felt discriminated against for a few days, it was less than ideal.

Currently, I have no followers on my Twitter. But my tweets are public, so there's no need for any reader to follow me to read them, which is possibly why I have none.

Is there any dictionary for the language?

There is. (: Try the Pandora wikia out there, and sites like like http://www.learnnavi.org/

It has an Adobe or similar such file that you may download and view.

and there i thought there was no "b" in the na'vi language...

There is a "b" in game canon. Additionally, who are you to say that the Na'vi language was not different prior to the film (I am the second toruk makto). The chances are that my native tongue was very different in that time period. It is called evolution of language, progression. Go and learn about it.

no need to get rude. i was just pointing out that the na'vi language from the movie has no b, according to its inventor, paul frommer. (the game is not a good source, they can't even pronounce ejectives there.) what happens in the movie is all i know about the na'vi, nothing from before or after that.

however, if what you say is true... is it possible that your race is similar to the na'vi but not the same? that you only identify with it because it's the closest thing you've ever found?

just a few thoughts.

It is very possible that my race is similar to the Na'vi and not the same. I acknowledge the possibility than I only identify with it because it is the closest thing that I have found. Indeed, this idea is even on my list of theories. However, thank you for your thought, they are constructive.

Hello Shey'bu. As you can see, I've added you to my f-list. I found my way to your blog after stumbling across your introduction on Otherkin.com [I'm always interested to see why they ban their members. They seem pretty damn ban-happy, and your ban was totally unjustified], and I've always thought that serious Otakukin are fascinating.

If you don't identify as Otakukin and actually consider Na'vi to be a real extraterrestrial race [and if, believing the latter, you're absolutely not a troll], then I'm sorry if I've offended you. In any case, I've added you to my f-list because it gives me easy access to your blog in my friends link.

>.> Na'vi are so pretty.

Thank you for your friend add. Otherkin.com ban people out of narrow-minded racism and the fact that they dislike people who do not conform. I find them hypocritical and elitist; my ban was indeed totally unjustified (see journal entry).

I do however prefer the term "fictionkin" as it has less negative connotations, in my eyes. I am not sure exactly of my specific beliefs; most of me acknowledges the Na'vi as a purely fictional creation, however the universe is so vast, practically beyond human comprehension, nearly infinite, so much so that to say there is no possibility of their existence or a species like them is foolish. I am not offended, thank you for your comment and your polite manner. We are indeed a pretty species.

I agree that your ban was unjustified. I've never joined their website, but I lurk and frequent threads started by banned members, specifically to remind myself why I should never join such a close-minded community. I certainly think that they should allow fictionkin; of course, there are those who are genuine trolls who do deserve to be banned for attempting to disturb their shallow illusion of peace, but as for clear-minded, intelligent people such as yourself who accept that Na'vi are mostly fictional?

It's stupid. It's reminiscent of fear; they're stamping out that which they don't believe and that which they fear to be associated with, purely because they don't want to have that association weighing on their backs when the trollish fictionkin arrive.

|: Ugh. They just don't seem to want to acknowledge that Otherkin in itself is not a science. It cannot be proven and there are no laws about it - they seem to forget, frequently, that many 'kin identify the way they do purely through psychological means, which would again fuck their views over.

In fact, their ban-happy nature has made me wary of joining, too, even though they seem to assume that fae [a fictitious creature] are more legitimate than Na'vi [also a fictitious creature]. In one hundred years, if the Otherkin community hasn't been totally ripped apart by its elitist attitude, Na'vi will be accepted as Na'vi will no longer be pop culture - they'll be an old enough creation to be branded as 'mythic'.

I can't stand people who won't accept pop culture mythos.

Apologies for calling you otakukin; I'll remember that you prefer fictionkin in the future.

And here you've had to bear one of my rants, heh.

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