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tirea na'vi - na'vi spirit

[ the writings of a na'vi 'kin ]

The inherent anti-Na'vi qualities of Encyclopedia Dramatica
The Personal Offense Caused To Me By ED.com

I was browsing the internet in order to learn more about and become more enlightened about my people, when I came across the article for James Cameron's "Avatar" on satire site Encyclopedia Dramatica. Here is the link, for those interested: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Avatar_(movie)

I found this article very offensive on deeply personal levels.

First, there seems to be a horrible misconception about the Na'vi race on the internet. They are not furry. Na'vi do not have pelts. I feel that this should be re-emphasized in order to distance Na'vi 'kin from the "batshit fuckery" that is the furry community. There also seems to be another misconception about Na'vi biology - we do not "fuck". Jake did not "fuck" the girl. Na'vi are not so earthly and crude. I believe mating is possibly cloacal or something along similar lines, as in birds. I dislike the implication here contained that Na'vi engage in such crude activities, when we are an enlightened race. I will not even go into the crudely offensive and pornographic images of my people engaging in filthy acts with lesser beings. At the sight of these I had to leave the computer chair for two hours.

The image of the Hindu god is horribly offensive. It is as if they want to usurp Eywa and convert Her followers. Sorry, ED.com, but Eywa is the one true god and She is great. Also, calling us "smurfs" is incredibly racist. It is the same as calling black people "jungle bunnies" or "nigga". It is a horrible slur and equates Na'vi with lesser beings. I do not even understand the comparison, as smurfs are very short. This I believe to be implied heightism.

There are further misconceptions contained, such as the ridiculous notion that Na'vi ride chickens. We only ride pa'li, ikran, and, if we are enlightened enough, toruk. Incidentally I will mention at this point that I believe I may have been one of the five toruk makto. I had a dream two nights ago where I was something of a Jesus figure amongst my people. I also dislike the article because it makes fun of my native tongue, mocks Na'vi facial features in a racist way, and finally implies that Na'vi are fat, which is another horrible miconception about their biology, as Na'vi in reality have very little body fat.

If anyone found this article amusing I would urge you to seek spiritual advancement via meditation, guided spirit journeys, or other similar means.

Fandom Wank (FW) transfail

Hello Fandom Wank (yes I am aware of your site and your comments),

Just a quick note, you may mock my beliefs, and me all you wish, but enough with the transfail. It is offensive and hurtful. :/