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tirea na'vi - na'vi spirit

[ the writings of a na'vi 'kin ]

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Fandom Wank (FW) transfail

Hello Fandom Wank (yes I am aware of your site and your comments),

Just a quick note, you may mock my beliefs, and me all you wish, but enough with the transfail. It is offensive and hurtful. :/

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I was randomly browsing and I came across your journals, this one and the home tree site. I think it's all very interesting. I mostly wanted to write this note to say don't let the hate get you down. People don't like what they can't understand. I'm trans and I honestly can't stand people's crazy crap anymore. You feel how you feel, and that's good enough.

Good luck with everything you're going through. You ever wanna talk about the gender stuff, feel free to message me.


Apologies for not getting back to you earlier, I have not had the time at all. I am happy that you happened to come across my journals, it is indeed fortunate. Thank you very much for your motion of support and your comforting words.

Hello Fandom Wank [ http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1236175.html?thread=210207439#t210207439 ],

You persist in being insensitive towards my gender issues and non-cisgender people everywhere. Mock everything else, but think before you post.

If you hate transfail, as you so claim, you will then understand my request that you use gender-neutral pronouns. You will notice that I do not provide a gender or sex in any of my profiles or pages.

Yes, the correct pronoun you should be using for this Na'vi kin is "po".

The best of luck to you, my friend...I hope you're doing well.

Hi, tirenavi. You probably don't know me, but if you ever need somebody to talk to about this whole mess, go ahead and message me. I've been through the whole ED, Fandom_wank hazing, and am around if you need an understanding ear.

From one otakukin to another,


I do prefer the term "fictionkin" because, as futile as the thought may be it has less negative connotations (ex: unhealthy state of mind).

Thank you for your kind message of support and your offer for conversation. You are right, I do not know you, but I may take you up on your offer sometime regardless. May I ask what happened to you regarding ED.com and Fandom Wank?

Transfail is very not cool.

It is definitely very not cool, as well as offensive, though I see they seem to have made some effort to rectify the situation, so they are forgiven.

Firstly, allow me to say I'm not here to troll, cause wank, or hurt feelings in any way. I'm just truly curious as to why you believe so strongly that you are connected (or is that reincarnated from) a Na'vi. The species is fictional; I believe you stated yourself that you're aware of this. It's one thing to get swept up in such a beautiful film as Avatar, it's another to actually believe that you once existed as something that, till a few weeks ago, didn't even exist except in James Cameron's head.

I'm just asking because I want to understand, not to hurt your feelings or taunt you in any way. Thank you in advance.

While I can't answer for Tirea, I can tell you why I can accept the idea of Na'kin and other fictionally based kin. I'm not asking you to believe what I do, because I know I have a weird way of looking at the world, but I figured I might as well tell you something...

Basically, from my perspective, thoughts have power. Just as much power as words and maybe a bit more because you may not realize that your thoughts affect yourself and other people. From this train of thought, visualization (after being practiced for a while) can actually have impacts on the physical world. You're thought becomes a creation.

Now, with the creative intent put behind some movies and books and stories in general, the idea that 'thought becomes real (in some sense on some level of existence)', it could possibly be said that if enough thought goes into that story it will materialize on some level of existence.

Of course, there is the question that comes from this: Then does every story that ever existed become 'real'?

I don't think so. I believe that there needs to be belief or thought outside the creator(s) that focuses greatly on the story. There needs to be years, and years, and years spent on the story and its characters and the world they live in and everything that could exist... I don't think hoaxes (any paranormal hoaxes) can materialize because they are presented as truth but too quickly are debunked to allow proper thought energy (haha, so ineloquent) to go into the idea.

Since Avatar had been in the making for a while it was obviously being thought about for a while. I say this because until a few weeks ago Avatar did not come out, but it obviously existed in James Cameron's head and other peoples' for a much longer period of time.

Now that that's all said...I don't expect you to agree. It's a pretty strange way of viewing the world and how it works and fiction and the legitimacy of fictionkin, but it makes sense to me.

Also, it is possible (I feel highly unlikely) that James Cameron perhaps had dreams about Pandora and remembered Pandora and had this concept originally and altered it to suit an audience that wanted to see creatures similar to themselves and the like. However, since I don't know if James Cameron came up with the whole thing by himself or had others create it along with him from the beginning I can't say what happened there. I just know that from some of my past life experiences I am writing a book, so it's not impossibly.

Very unlikely, though, and I don't think that's what happened here. I think the thoughts put into Avatar, the amount of emotion people had viewing it, and the fact that it's a common story so viewers didn't have to think about the plot as much as the graphics and go 'omg isn't that pretty' and surely 'I wish that existed!' added, in my mind, to making Pandora into a thought-form that now has immense power...

I could be off my rocker. Oh well.

Offensive and hurtful?

Welcome to the internet, rookie.
Can't handle it? Read a book instead.

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